May 16, 2022

Three shot dead after stealing a Probox in Nairobi

Crime scene

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Three suspects were on Friday morning shot dead after they stole a car in Nairobi.
The police said that the officers from Githurai Kimbo and Mwiki also recovered the stolen car.
“In the wee hours of today, an armed gang of three motor vehicle thieves was neutralized by a joint team of detectives from Githurai Kimbo and Mwiki, in a gun battle that saw a stolen car recovered,” the police said in a statement.
“Informed by alarming reports of stolen motor vehicles from parking yards and residential places across Ruiru sub-county, the joint team of officers had kept a night-long vigil patrolling their areas of jurisdiction.”
30 minutes into the devil’s hour, the sleuths observed some suspicious activity by four men onboard a KBZ 113S Toyota Probox, just as it joined the murram road connecting Mwiki-Kasarani and Githurai 45 roads.
The law enforcers signalled the vehicle to pull over for a security check but the driver sped off, prompting a hot chase.
In a bid to extend their 40th day which seemed to be quickly approaching, the fleeing occupants opened fire frenziedly at the officers, who immediately replied with calculated rapid shots.
When the guns went silent, three of the four-man gang lay dead, but one managed to bolt out into the cover of darkness. He is believed to have sustained gunshot wounds and is being sought. Luckily, none of the tactful officers was injured.
As crime scene detectives processed the bloody scene where a pistol was also recovered, the vehicle’s ignition set was found to have been mastered and an improvised metallic rod was used as a car key to igniting the vehicle.
“As word spread on the neutralized car-stealing gang, a Kayole-based man who had woken up to the shock of his life after finding his parking space vacant contacted the police and confirmed that the recovered vehicle was his,” the police said.

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