May 16, 2022

Family forced to bury a relative who mysteriously died in police hands

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A family in Kisumu was forced to bury a relative who succumbed to police injuries.

Benson Jacob Ouma was on 19 June this year arrested by Pap Onditi Police Station officers at Sondu Market for flouting Covid19 rules. 

“Police alleged that he had not worn his masks properly. Witnesses allege that he was severely brutalised before being bundled into a waiting police vehicle and taken for overnight detention at Pap Onditi Police Station,” an activist, Boniface Ogutu narrated.

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The following day in the morning, his wife received a call from the Police asking her to come and take her husband to the hospital. On arrival, the wife found Benson unable to stand up or even move. He was lying on the ground writhing in pain.

She took him to Sigowet Hospital and were referred to Kericho District Hospital. Check-ups revealed that he had broken his spinal cord and had to be admitted.

“Witnesses told us that one of the police officers while assaulting those arrested had swiped Benson that led him to fall in a thud. Benson didn’t move an inch since,” Ogutu said. 

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He stayed in the hospital for two months as he couldn’t support himself or even eat solid food. He only fed on liquid food using a straw. 

A close family member said that he was thereafter referred to Eldoret Referral Hospital for corrective surgery but before the family could raise the requested medical fee, he painfully succumbed to his injuries on 09/10/2021. 

The family has been under pressure from unknown quarters and Benson’s body was hurriedly buried last weekend without even a postmortem. 

“One of his family members who spoke to me is seeking support to demand #JusticeForBenson,” Ogutu said.

The matter had even been reported at Sondu Police Station OB 08/22/10/2021 at 1458hrs.

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