May 16, 2022

Beyond Zero Summit To Be Held On December 3

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Outstanding nurses from across the country will on December 3 be feted for their role in the promotion of primary healthcare in Government-run levels 2 and 3 health facilities during this year’s Beyond Zero summit.
The Summit will be held in Nairobi County.
Chief of Staff in the Office of the First Lady Constance Gakonyo announced the date for the summit on Tuesday when she opened a two-day workshop in Nairobi for the national nomination panel tasked with picking the finalists for the awards.
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta will present the awards to the finalists at the summit, which is the second to be held under the aegis of the Beyond Zero Initiative.May be an image of 1 person and standingApart from individual awards, outstanding initiatives or projects led by nurses in levels 2 to 5 in Government health facilities from each of the 47 counties will also receive team recognition.
Ms Gakonyo said the health awards are in line with Beyond Zero’s 2018 to 2022 Strategic Framework.
“The decision to host these awards also resonates with recognition in support of Her Excellency’s passion for women and children. It is also consistent with Beyond Zero’s continued commitment to invest at the primary level where we can together do more to save lives,” Gakonyo said.

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She said nurses play a critical role in health service delivery at the grassroots level, expressing optimism that Beyond Zero Health Awards will motivate the health providers to serve their communities even better.
“Their significant contribution, individually and collectively, has been applauded both globally and nationally, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic period.
“It is for this reason, therefore, that Her Excellency wishes to dedicate and appreciate health workers at the Beyond Zero Summit through an award ceremony,” the Chief of Staff in the Office of the First Lady said.
Ms Gakonyo pointed out that the theme of this year’s Beyond Zero Summit which is “Investing in health” amplifies the importance of investment in community initiatives.
At the workshop, Beyond Zero Coordinator Angella Langat briefed the selection panel comprising of Beyond Zero Technical Working Group on the nomination process which started on July 5, expressing confidence that the team successfully conclude the exercise.

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