May 17, 2022

Police arrest three more suspects following a spate of murders of women in Ruiru

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Detectives have arrested more suspects following a spate of murders of women in Ruiru where the prime suspect Paul Magara was earlier arrested and arraigned.
“Further investigations into the spate of murders of women in Ruiru where the prime suspect, Paul Magara was earlier arrested and arraigned, three more suspects linked to the killings have been arrested,” the police said in a statement on Monday.

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Jeremiah Ongati Makambo, 30, Silas Kipyegon, 24 and 35-Year-Old Daniel Gatunguta were arrested by Ruiru-based detectives in a forensic-led operation initiated yesterday within the Wataalam area.
The three are specifically linked to the brutal murder of the late Ms Lovince Njoki, who was hacked to death in Wataalam on August 23, 2021, by unknown assailants, who also disappeared with her valuables including her phone.
The nabbed trio has since used the handset interchangeably until the detectives pounced on them and recovered the exhibit.

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Meanwhile and on a sad note, the 18-year-old victim who had been admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit after being attacked by the dreaded Magara alongside her 19-year-old sister succumbed to the injuries.
The late Ann Mumbi and her sister Winfred Kalumi were attacked in their sleep by the lone agent of death, who mastered access to their house before committing the monstrous act, leaving the two for dead.
“The DCI condoles with the family of the late Ms Ann Mumbi, and tirelessly works to bring to book the felons have caused untold pain and grief to the families and victims of the string of attacks in the area,” the police said.
Magara had killed three ladies and seriously injured four within the period before his arrest.
“Shockingly, Magara has remained in the detectives’ list of wanted persons since 2020, but the masked hitman was only known by his alias name, Mkisii,” the police said.
According to DCI Ruiru profiling, the masked Magara occasionally struck ladies in the hours of darkness, killing and seriously injuring some before removing and escaping with their panties.
It all started with one such shocking incident in 2020 at the Kiunguru area around Ruiru Bypass, when a woman who had been seen with a man a night before was found dead in her room, with one of her breasts chopped off.
Following the scanty leads obtained from the crime scene, detectives pursued the anonymous perpetrator for months but in vain.
Later in January 2021, a young lady who worked at a hair company was found murdered at a local lodging in a similar style, moments after she was spotted with Magara.
After months of receiving several related murder and attempted murder incidents all reported by female victims, another lady was found murdered in her rental house at Magorofani area of Wataalam.
The mysterious agent of death had caused untold panic and terror in the area, with word having it that a vampire was roaming in the dark hunting down women.
In what called for an around-the-clock manhunt for the perpetrator by all Ruiru sub-county officers, the killer struck again on September 7, by breaking into the house of two sisters aged 18 and 19, where he stabbed and left them for the dead. One of them is still admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
As the pursuit for him heightened, the bloodthirsty monster crept into the house of a couple when they were deep asleep early morning yesterday, stabbing the woman at the neck and vanishing in the dark in seconds.
The husband rushed his 22-yr-old lactating woman to the hospital, amidst shock as to how their attacker managed to master their padlock from outside, execute the attack and disappear as he soundly snored. The woman is recuperating well.
Believing that the attacker was still around Wataalam at that early hour, police in Ruiru launched a thorough comb of the area, luckily managing to nab four suspects and recovering a mobile phone that belonged to one of the sisters attacked in the September 7 incident.
Hours of interrogations on the four revealed that one of them, 25-year-old Moses Moogi Okemwa was an accomplice of the prime suspect, who jointly executed some of the attacks.
At the crack of dawn today, Ruiru detectives who had camped metres from the house of Magara’s brother ambushed the prime suspect as he headed to have breakfast at his kin’s place.
As early as 6 am, the dusty 29-year-old had a backpack containing a hammer, 7 female panties and an electric bulb holder.
Further investigations have so far revealed that Magara joined a cult back in 2013, which promised to be paying him for every kill on a woman. Strangely, showing a woman’s pants would confirm that he indeed deserved pay. He had however been double-crossed after an Sh30,000 down payment but continued with the monstrous attacks.

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