May 16, 2022

Uganda exports 400 kgs of Marijuana to German

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Uganda has exported 400 kilogrammes of medical marijuana to Germany.
This is the fourth delivery to foreign countries since the Uganda government made it legal to plant Cannabis.
A German organization said on a kilogramme of medical cannabis costs around Ush18 million ($5006). Cannabis is used to control pain in terminal diseases such as cancer.

The organization is a German-based training institution, which publishes information on good manufacturing practices for health products makers.

“We exported the products last Saturday, October 16,” Industrial Hemp Uganda Ltd director Benjamin Cadet said.

Cadet said that they can produce 30 tonnes of medical marijuana annually.

He added that they will be selling some of their finest medical marijuana products in local and foreign markets.
He added that
with the main goal of making the country a global tourism hub for medical cannabis.
“We have developed 10 products of medical cannabis that we have submitted to National Drug Authority for approval so that Ugandan patients can benefit other than exporting to other countries,” Cadet said.
“We want to thank President Museveni for the support and providing a conducive environment that enables individual innovations in medical cannabis. The medical cannabis industry is good for the country’s economy and will make Uganda be one of the best medical cannabis producers in the world,” he said.

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