May 17, 2022

Chelsea survive Brentford to remain on top of EPL

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Chelsea is still on top of the EPL league after holding a one-nil goal against Brentford on Saturday.
This is after they played eight games to get 19 points.
Liverpool follows closely with 18 points after playing the same number of games.

Aston Villa 1-1 Brentford
They hammered Watford 5 nil on Saturday to maintain position 2 of the EPL log.
Manchester city also crushed Burney 2-0 to be remain number three with 17 points.

West Ham United 2-2 Crystal Palace
They have also played eight games.
Brighton closes the top five best teams with 15 points since the EPL season started this year.
The bottom three Burnley (3 points), Newcastle (3 points) and Norwich (2 points), sits in the relegation zone.

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