May 18, 2022

Even Mourinho, Arteta cannot take Kenya to the World Cup –Nick Mwendwa

Nick Mwendwa

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“Even if you bring Mourinho, even if you bring Arteta here, the work that needs to be done is that we need to bring the talent on the table, for you to win we need quality players.”
Those are the words of FKF President Nick Mwendwa who dismissed local football saying that the country lacks good players.
He said that that the national football team Harambee Stars lacks the quality to qualify for a World Cup final unless it gets top-notch players.
“We went away to Mali, I would say that we played very well but conceded five goals of which four were in the first half which obviously made it very tough,” Mwendwa said.
Mwendwa was responding to questions during an interview won NTV on Monday evening after Harambee stars were beaten by Mali and failed to qualify for World Cup
Jose Mourinho has trained the best teams in the world to win European champions and different national leagues in Europe. Arteta currently trains Arsenal and has won several titles training under Pep Guardiola.
“So let’s look at Mali for example, are we better than Mali? The answer is that we are not because we have never brought out our players to that level.
And I want to tell Kenyans that we want to win and I am working every day to make Kenya win,” Mwendwa said.



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