May 18, 2022

Tanasha says Alikiba album amazing


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Ex Diamond wife Tanasha has said that the new Alikiba album ‘Only One King’ is amazing.

Ali Kiba has been a fierce rival of Diamond in Bongo music.

“He is very much dedicated to his music and super talented. We’ve grown up listening to him so I am really excited about his album coming out,” Tanasha told a local newspaper.

Tanasha added that she was ready to do a colabo with Diamond.

“We now have the same music distributor and so anything is possible. I am very excited to be here. I think it’s an amazing project and I can’t wait for Africa and the rest of the world to listen to it. Congratulations,” Tanasha said.

Tanasha was Kiba’s video vixen in the song Nagharamia before she met Diamond.



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