May 17, 2022

A villager clobbered to death for mocking a neighbor’s wife

Crime scene

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Detectives in Yala, Siaya County are in pursuit of a 28-year-old man who clobbered his 30-year-old neighbour to death.
George Onyango smashed Marvin Onyango on the head using a club for claiming that Onyango was being helped by the people to satisfy his wife.
“Villagers from Onyoso village in Gem, are yet to come to terms with the gruesome murder of Marvin Onyango, whose head was smashed using a club by the suspect identified as George Onyango,” the police said.
Preliminary investigations reveal that prior to the incident, the deceased had been mocking the suspect for being a Johnny-come-lately in marrying his wife, after what the deceased described as ‘being assisted by other men!’
Angered by the heartbreaking slur, the suspect reached for the murder weapon and dealt the suspect a fatal blow, sending him sprawling on the ground.
Detectives are hunting down the suspect who disappeared.

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