May 18, 2022

Comedian Eric Omondi says he bought the Karen mansion

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Comedian and content creator Eric Omondi has said that he bought the house in Karen, which he posted on social media.

Omondi was defending the ownership of the house on Instagram.

“This is what 14 Years of Consistency, Persistence and Hard work looks like. Welcome to the Official Residence of the PRESIDENT of COMEDY AFRICA. 19TH OCTOBER we change Everything from here,” Omondi said.

Eric Omondi Mansion

Jalang’o was quick to congratulate the comedian by replying to the post.

“This is it…No turning back…Race against poverty not against each other,” he said.

The comedian claims that the bungalow cost him Sh141 million.

He set that Sh72 million was spent on construction and Sh69 million to acquire the land.

“This (project) is a culmination of my hard work in 14 years of comedy,” he said.

“When I call myself a president, I have to live like one. I have been in the industry for a long time, and I need some peace and quiet to create ideas.”

Eric also disclosed that anyone can hire the mansion located in Karen as AirBnB at the rate of KSh 75,000 per day.

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