May 17, 2022

A section of Mt Kenya business leaders endorses Raila’s presidential bid

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A section of Mount Kenya leaders has endorsed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The leaders, who met at a Nairobi, said that Odinga remains an ideal candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They said that Raila can continue with Uhuru’s legacy.

“We want somebody who will take over and there will be continuity in the kind of development projects that have been started. Secondly, somebody who will not disturb our businesses and thirdly somebody who we can sit with and agree on how to go forward,” Mt. Kenya Foundation Vice Chairman Titus Ibui said.

The meeting came against the backdrop of Odinga’s animated weekend-long charm offensive of Central Kenya, which was culminated with an impromptu rally at Nairobi’s Githurai area.
“We will walk together in this journey. This is just the beginning,” Raila said
“I believe very strongly that this country is playing below its capacity. Kenya does not serve to play in the field it’s playing right now.”

Raila was addressing business tycoons and political elite drawn from the larger Mount Kenya region. The leaders presented Raila with the region’s priority issues, which include security, agriculture, business, water shortage and unemployment.

“We have so many young people running around with papers, degrees from universities here. There are a number of investors coming in the country looking for people to employ but the current qualifications our institutions are giving are irrelevant to the demand of the market,” he said.

“The investors come here looking for manpower but the demand in terms of wages is too high. For a quarter of what these guys are demanding you can get an engineer from India. That’s what a lot of employers are doing in Industrial Area.

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