May 16, 2022

Nyeri County donate Biogas Digesters to residents

Governor Mutahi Kahiga

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The county government of Nyeri has donated Biogas Digesters to rural homes at Sh3.39 million.
The first beneficiaries are seventeen families from Aguthi Gaaki ward, Tetu Sub County, who can heave a sigh of relief from skyrocketing fuel costs.
The project dubbed ‘one home, one biogas’ will also ensure residents access cost-effective fuel in a county the majority depend on firewood and kerosene to cook.
Tetu MCA Wakibia said the implementation of biogas use in the area timely, saying it will cut down the cost of fuel.
“The dependence of firewood fuel for cooking by Aguthi Gaaki residents poses an environmental challenge capable of aggravating the effects of climate change. We are helping rural households switch to biogas systems because it is renewable, eco-friendly and affordable to them,” he said in a press statement to media houses.
He says the new arrangement will greatly save them from spending a fortune on paraffin whose cost has hit the roof thanks to the increase in petroleum products by EPRA a fortnight ago.
“The use of biogas energy has significantly reduced our household expenses such as buying firewood and minimized the number of gas refilling as we mostly use the biogas for cooking,” said Macharia.
Nyeri Energy CEC, Kariuki Muthui, has acknowledged that the use of renewable sources of energy such as biogas and solar power is the way to go as they are cleaner and eco-friendly.
“Once people learn the benefits of biogas digesters, such as they are an inexpensive source of energy as it requires a farmer to have only one cow to start and set up, they embrace it. The County Government of Nyeri is committed to conserving the environment by investing in eco-friendly sources of energy,’’ he explained.
The government projects the program to boost environmental conservation efforts by protecting the county’s forest cover that currently stands at 38 per cent. The World Bank estimates that 77 per cent of Kenyans have no direct access to electricity.

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