May 17, 2022

Ruto takes the war against BBI in Raila’s home turf Nyanza

Ruto in a rally

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Deputy President William Ruto has taken the war against BBI to former opposition leader Raila Odinga Nyanza stronghold.

The DP dismissed the BBI constitutional changes.
He argued that the rich want the BBI changes to create more positions in the executive.

He added that expanding the executive will only favour a few tribal lords at the expense of masses who require job and business opportunities.

“We can’t be changing the constitution every time we go to an election. All leaders should focus on changing the lives of poor masses,” Ruto said. The DP was in Awendo and Migori, in Nyanza, which are Raila’s strongholds.

Raila always controls Nyanza, which has two million voters, who vote for him almost to the last person. The region always stand behind him solidly locking out other candidates from campaigning in the area

“Before we change the constitution, we must consider what is important to the nation and our people. BBI was selfish, and leaders should stop being selfish and ungodly,” Ruto said.

The DP said that Kenyans will decide the next president. He added that he will make a coalition with Kenyans.

“They can continue meeting together but I will stand with Kenyans. The deep state will not decide the next president but people,” the DP said.

The deputy said that the poor policies by the government has created unemployment opportunities and destroyed the lives of millions of Kenyans.

“That’s why I am coming up with the bottom-up economy policy to ensure that everyone succeeds in the country,” Ruto said.

The DP said that the status has always favoured the rich who access both jobs and business opportunities in government.

“I am going to allocate Sh 120 million for every constituency for small traders in every year,” Ruto said.

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