May 18, 2022

I helped Uhuru achieve-Ruto

Ruto in a rally

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Deputy President William Ruto has said that he helped his boss Uhuru Kenyatta to achieve on development.

The DP said that he wants to use the same brains and energy, to lift traders, saccos, professionals and the masses at large.

Ruto promised to build good policies, which will create business and job opportunities to empower the masses economically.

“I am not a madman, I am not stupid, I am not drunk, and I know what I am saying,” Ruto said.

He was speaking during a roadside rally in Emali town Ukambani on Tuesday in the morning.

The DP dismissed calls for constitutional change saying that leaders should focus on economic development and improving the welfare of Kenyans.

He opposed the creation of a prime minister position in the constitution.

The deputy president said that the constitution should serve Kenyans but not a few rich powerful people.

“We should empower the masses. We should not create positions in the constitution for the rich and powerful who doesn’t need jobs,” Ruto said.

“I am not inciting Kenyans but reminding all of us that this country belongs to all of us.”

The DP defended the bottom-up economic model saying that it will change how policies are created in the country.

“We should focus on changing the economy but not the constitution,” Ruto said.

“Before we change the constitution, let us change the economy first so that people can good lives. We want jobs and business opportunities but not positions.”

The DP drummed up support for his bottom-up economic model.

“I have supported Uhuru in the last ten years but now I am working with mama mboga, traders, women, and youths. Everyone should respect my choice,” Ruto said.

He said the model intends to empower all Kenyans irrespective of age, class, status, race or tribe.

“The Bottom-Up Economic Model that we are advocating is premised on a candid and genuine conversation that puts women and young people at the centre of our country’s economy,” Ruto said.

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