May 18, 2022

Stop dreaming, CBC will not be stopped-Education CS Magoha

Education CS Geirge Magoha

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Competency-Based Curriculum will not be stopped despite criticism and protests from teachers, Education CS George Magoha has said.

The Education CS however advised parents to be creative and find ways of addressing the CBC challenges.

“This Competency-Based Curriculum is here to stay. In my life, it is the most transformative thing I have seen. I used to be worried that our teachers would compromise it… Right now even the teachers love it,” said the CS.

“Those saying they will stop this; you are daydreamers…We are not going to stop.”

The CS said that he is confident that teachers will deliver under CBC.

“In my assessment, I have been close to 500 schools across the nation. I have never found a CBC classroom not being attended to too by a competent teacher. So, what the hell are you people talking about?” posed Magoha.

He added that he has no apologies to anybody and parents should embrace CBC.

“We have no apologies to make to anybody, this competency-based curriculum is here to stay. In my life, it’s the most transformative thing I have seen. I used to be worried that our teachers will compromise it. Even the teachers love it,” noted Magoha.

“To portray the government as if it does nothing, Ladies and gentlemen is being unfair. Don’t demonize me for saying so, the facts are there.”

“Are we right to say that you want to go to court when we already have 5 million children happy to engage with CBC? They enjoy what they are doing. It is true there are challenges but why don’t you bring them in a manner that we can accept you are not doing it for other issues.”

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