May 16, 2022

Corruption is killing Kenyans-Kalonzo

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka

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Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka now says corruption is the source of the inequality and poverty witnessed in this country.

The Wiper Leader says Leaders who have stolen and enriched themself while impoverishing a majority of Kenyans to an extent that now Kenyans have normalized the vice.

Kalonzo says Kenyans have thrown in the towel on corruption to an extent of praising the corrupt as my thief, my choice.

On Matters politics, Kalonzo has now dropped the CALEB tag he was given when supporting Raila and now says he will adopt the JOSHUA mantle to lead the Kenyan nation to the CANAAN that all deserve.

He says Kenya requires a paradigm shift post covid pandemic and that is why he is promising Kenyans a 24-hour economy model that will stimulate the economy in a very fast manner thus creating massive jobs for Kenyans.

The Wiper leader was speaking today when he attended a church service at Royal Christian Church in Ongata Rongai, encouraging Kenyans not to give up because a Kalonzo Led government come2022 will recover stolen wealth and revert it to the economy.

Kalonzo says COVID 19 pandemic has worsened an already worse situation, and thus he promises to make secondary education free to all to at least ease the burden on parents.

The Wiper Boss has urged the Government to make every effort to vaccinate over 10 million Kenyans ahead of their targeted dates of December adding that the virus is killing Kenyans at a very high rate and the medication for those admitted are very expensive for a common mwananchi.

Leaders accompanying the Wiper Leader reiterated their stand that Kalonzo will not back any other Leader in 2022 and that they are committed to traverse the entire country to sell a Kalonzo Presidency.


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