May 18, 2022

Ole Sapit to unveil tougher rules to bar pulpit politics

Anglican Churches of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

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Anglican Churches of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has promised to unveil tougher rules after banning politics in church.

Sapit said that he will also ensure denomination members of the clergy are not meeting politicians outside the church.

“I am going to make further declarations this coming Sunday, to bar members of ACK clergy from making trips to politicians,” Sapit said on Monday Monday. He was being interviewed by a local radio station.

“The Anglican clergy should not be among the people reported by the media as ‘grassroots’ and religious leaders who meet politicians in their homes.”

Sapit said allowing politics in church overrides ministering the gospel of God.

Sapit dismissed church fundraising activities saying it is a major tactic used by politicians to sway the church into supporting them.

“The church is open for everybody because it is a healing place but we are not going to allow people to take the space of ministry for politics. We cannot mix politics and the Word,” Sapit said.

Sapit warned that some politicians are using pulpit to insult oponents, which is against Christianity.

“I am highly against announcing people’s contributions in church. Giving should be done quietly. It is not advisable to announce what someone has offered,” the Archbishop said.
“The ACK is a no-go zone, for political rhetoric and whatever happens. We have also seen instances where the Church is no longer identified as a place of worship because when a sermon is given it does not get the attention, instead what is aired is the political utterances in the Church.”


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