May 18, 2022

UDA will not issue direct tickets to any aspirant-Murang’a County boss Peter Mbogo

UDA Murang’a County Coordinator Peter Mbogo

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United Democratic Alliance (UDA) will not issue direct tickets to any aspirant, Murang’a County Coordinator Peter Mbogo has said.

The county coordinator said UDA will conduct free, fair and credible nominations to ensure its supporters elect their leaders.

Mbogo said credible nomination polls will promote democracy and allow millions of Kenyans to form the next government.

“The alleged endorsement of certain candidates by the UDA party leader has been taken out of context. It is a clarion call and encouragement for all Kenyans who prescribe to the hustler movement to put down their interests and focus on the bigger good of the movement,” Mbogo said in a statement today Friday afternoon.


UDA Murang’a County Coordinator Peter Mbogo

The county coordinator was responding to remarks in media by a section of Mount Kenya leaders who stated that UDA will give direct tickets to some aspirants. Mbogo said that the false information was being peddled by enemies of the party who are pushing external interests.

Mbogo said that those behind the statement have sabotaged UDA Party leader William Ruto visits to Muranga County on various occasions.

He said those alleging UDA will give direct party ticket nominations are the same people promoting BBI constitutional amendments.

“The media reports by certain representatives of well-known politicians who prescribe to parties competing against UDA, have been made out of ignorance of the UDA Party philosophy and objective,” he said.

“The persons making statements in the media and the political leaders they purport to represent are not registered members of UDA Party but rather members and supporters of other well-known parties.”

He said that these politicians are supporters and hangers-on of candidates for the 2022 general election who have been hosting other Presidential candidates in the county.

He defended the hustler movement saying that everyone will have a role in UDA and dictate how to be governed after the next polls.

“The UDA party philosophy does not shy away from recognizing the effort and sacrifice made by the courageous founding soldiers of the Party. The efforts and sacrifices made by the UDA Leadership, County Coordinators and

Polling Center Coordinators across the entire country have finally made the party a centre of attraction in both Mainstream and social media,” Mbogo said.

Mbogo endorsed the Bottom-Up Economic Model saying UDA stands out as the only party, which understands the current economic, political and social challenges affecting Kenyans.

“The Bottom-Up Economic Model, which focuses on deploying resources to the majority of the population at the bottom of the economic pyramid, as opposed to the current, as well as our competitors, proposed trickle-down model, has resonated well with the majority of Kenyans,” he said.

UDA has changed the national conversation from creating opportunities for the few elite families but ensuring masses access resources.

“I urge Kenyans to continue online registration and none UDA members to keep off party activities,” Mbogo said.

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