May 18, 2022

Mt. Kenya people were never behind BBI -Governor Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru

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Mount Kenya people have never supported the BBI, Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has confessed.

The first-term governor said that the Kenya region was never behind the push for constitutional amendments despite the goodies in the BBI.

“We have been on the constitutional amendment journey for two years, and then we hit a dead end. Any serious leader would then have to sit down and think where we went wrong,” Governor Waiguru said on Wednesday during a Citizen TV morning show.

Waiguru said the polls and reactions done nationally showed that Kenyans were not involved in the constitutional amendment process.

“Looking at the reactions and the polls done nationally, we seem to have left the people behind in the quest to pass BBI…I would be dishonest to say that the people of Mt Kenya were behind BBI. They were not,” Governor Waiguru said on Wednesday during a Citizen TV morning show.

The way I’m wired is, we need to sit back and ask ourselves, what went wrong? Because if we were right, we should have succeeded,” Governor Waiguru said.

“Also politically, you need to ask yourself, if you are trying to do something good for the people and the people are not moving with you is there something that you did wrong in that engagement?”“The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, 2020 is unconstitutional and a usurpation of the People’s exercise of sovereign power,” ruled the court.

Waiguru’s remarks comes after teh High Court and Appeal court dismissed BBI arguing that it was unconstitutional.

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