May 17, 2022

I am ready to resign, if I don’t deliver as a president-Raila

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has vowed to resign if he fails to deliver on his promise to better the lives of Kenyans.

The ODM leader said on Tuesday that he has the solution to the problems facing this country.

He said that he is ready to pave way for another leader if he fails to deliver.

In this regard, there is a commitment I can give the youth of Kenya today. In the event that I fail to deliver what I promise, I will not invent excuses. I will not change the goal posts,” Raila said. 

He spoke while giving a virtual public lecture to University of Nairobi students.

“I will do what Mwalimu Nyerere did next door in Tanzania. I will admit that my experiment and dream has failed and I will let somebody else try,” Raila said.

He dismissed the deputy president William Ruto Kazi ni kazi slogan terming it pre-historic.

“Let me be clear here too. I do not subscribe to the idea of Kazi ni Kazi. No. I have been allergic to giving excuses and resorting to half measures,” Raila said.

The former opposition leader accused Ruto of failing to deliver on his promises to better the lives of Kenyans during his era as the deputy president of the republic of Kenya.

Raila said that Ruto was resorting to excuses and cheaper solutions to complex problems. He added that Kenyans deserve well-paying jobs and not outdated tools and solutions that are being offered by Ruto.

“Young people were promised digital jobs, who were promised knowledge-based economy, who were promised double digit economic growth, are now being offered wheelbarrows and being told Kazi ni Kazi . That is a route I promise Kenyans can never take,” Raila said.

“I want to prepare Kenyan youths for jobs of the future, not jobs of yesterday. I want to focus the youth of Kenya on where the world is going, not where the world is coming from,” he said.

“In an era when nations are sending their sons and daughters to planet Mars, I refuse to tell the children of Kenya that the tools our great, great ancestors used in the pre-historic age represent some kind of revolution that can take them places.”


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