May 18, 2022

Former Likoni Member of Parliament, Khalif Salim Mwavumo, is dead.

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The former legislator died in the morning of Monday, August 30.

Mwavumo’s demise was announced by Mombasa businessman, Suleiman Shahbal, who hailed the politician as a father figure who showed him through the ropes.

“I have, with deep sorrow and profound sadness received news of the death of Mzee Salim Mwavumo, the leader of Likoni Wamiji Council of Elders,” Shahbal stated.

“Mzee Mwavumo, who also served as Likoni MP was like a father to me, I respected and valued his wise counsel.”

Mwavumo served as a Likoni MP from 1992 to 1997 and he served as a councilor in the defunct Municipal Council of Mombasa in the early 1960s.

The politician succeeded Abdulkadir Abdall Mwidau of KANU after clinching the seat in 1992. Mwavumo had run on a Ford-Kenya ticket.

His run was, however, cut short after Rashid Suleiman Shakombo became the Likoni MP in the 1997 General Election through the Shirikisho party ticket.

Mwavumo, who has amassed extensive years at the political scene, made headlines in 2015 after his wife, Zainab Mwavumo went missing in Saudi Arabia after a reported Hajj Stampede.

Reports, which were scanty at the time, indicated that eight Kenyans had passed on due to the tragedy.

Mwavumo was a key and revolutionary leader in Coastal-based politics. He would engage with various groups in consultative meetings to discuss agendas based on political, social, and economic issues affecting the country.


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